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Product Application

Crohm Series CC case resistors are frequently used for light duty braking of variable frequency drives, heating applications and various AC and DC load applications. The internal resistor is hermetically and electrically sealed from its aluminum case and includes high temperature leads to simplify the installation. The compact size is ideal for applications with limited space constraints.

Product Design

Case Resistor

Crohm Series CC case resistors feature a sealed aluminum extrusion containing a nickel chromium element that is encapsulated in a ceramic based casting material that is nearly impervious to hostile environmental conditions. The enhanced thermal and insulation properties of the casting material thermally binds the resistor to the aluminum exterior allowing the element to transfer heat and cool efficiently while maintaining electrical isolation from the outer case. Each end of the internal resistor element is connected to a high temperature wire lead before the element is cast, resulting in a resistor product that offers exceptional protection against corrosion that is able to withstand rigorous thermal cycling and mechanical shock.

Product Specifications

  • Voltage Insulation: 1000 volts
  • Insulation Resistance (Dry): 1000 MΩ minimum
  • Resistance Tolerance: ± 10% standard, Contact factory for if lower tolerances are required.
  • Coeffient of Resistivity: As the element temperature rises the resistance value will increase. Expect an approximate resistance increase of 5% at full operating temperature.
  • Operating Temperature: 375°C temperature rise above ambient.
  • Ambient Temperature: The power ratings are based on a ambient temperature of 40°C. For higher ambient temperatures decrease power ratings approximately 10% for 50°C, 20% for 80°C and 30% for 100°C.

Product Ordering Information

The part number is specified as follows: CC (wattage) – resistance. As an example, the part number for a 400 watt, 200 ohm case resistor is CC400-200. For custom termination leads add a suffix –T (length in inches). As an example, the previous part number with 48 inch leads would be CC400-200-T48. For a vertical configuration, add a V. For example, the previous part number is now CC400-200-T48V.

Product Ratings and Dimensions

Crohm Series CC case resistors are available in 5 standard sizes ranging between 200 and 600 watts continuous and in either a horizontal or vertical mounting configuration. See below for details.

Case Drawing

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